The martial arts studio hits goals


“We instill life-changing confidence in our students. In a modern electronic world where children have increasingly short attention spans, developing martial arts focus also leads to improvements in school. Children also learn the value of respect and humility,” he says.

Today, Martial Art Spirit operates in nine locations across NSW, with 1,500 students and around 30 staff employed by the company. Although most students are young children, there are courses for adults as well. “We have taught thousands over the years,”.

“We instill life-changing confidence in our students,” says Terrance.Credit:Trainzone Australia

These days, Terrance spends less time in the classroom and more time leading and coaching his team, and as he leads from the front, strives to provide an environment of constant personal growth and improvement.

Overcome Challenges

But like all businesses, it hasn’t always been easy. “Finding teachers is always a challenge. It’s not just about knowing martial arts and having a black belt. I also want to make sure they are a good role model for the kids. This can be a big ask.

Constantly seeking opportunities to enhance the martial arts spirit and better serve students has been essential over the years.

With classes postponed due to Covid, Terrance spent lockdowns analyzing the business and identifying where he could make improvements. This period of reflection led him to explore how technology could improve his business. He decided that moving into fitness with pre-recorded lessons could bring martial arts to more people interested in the sport just for fitness.

“We are now launching Trainzone Australia, which uses screen technology to deliver boxing lessons,” he explains.

Technical tools

One of the key tools in its journey to success has been its partnership with Optus Business Mobile Plus. “Our Optus Sales Manager took the time to understand our business and provided us with the tools to help us improve our services,” he says.

Each school has a desk phone, a number of service iPads, and the company has a dedicated phone line for inquiries. “We run the app for our online programs through our phones. As technology evolves, we become more efficient.”

Flexibility and change are essential for small business owners. With Optus Business Plus, you can simplify your business needs by increasing and decreasing monthly plans as needed.

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