The new “Pinterest TV Studio” is only available to certain creators

tv studio pinterest

tv studio pinterest” is a new application entering the world of platforms where video content is the main attraction. What makes the app special is its ability to cater to multiple iOS and Android devices for different camera angles during live view shooting. Surprisingly, pinterest didn’t try to make a big splash when it launched, but that might be because it’s not yet available to all creators.

To use the app and access its live streaming tools, some creators will submit a code or scan a barcode. The live content that creators will produce feeds into the platform’s “Pinterest TV,” which features a series of shows hosted by different creators tackling a wide variety of niches like home, food, beauty and fashion. As many know, Pinterest TV launched in November last year. It operates five days a week, Monday through Friday. On Friday, however, viewers can purchase the products mentioned by the episode host.

Since May 2, 2022, the Pinterest TV Studio app has been live on the App Store and Google Play. And while it’s only available to a limited number of creators, its presence isn’t just limited to the United States; it is also available in the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.

This is an indication that Pinterest is using the new app as a supporting tool that will drive Pinterest TV globally in the future. “With more creators developing innovative programming with Pinterest TV on the platform, we’re always experimenting with new ways to help creators bring their ideas to life,” a spokesperson said. Techcrunch.

Pinterest is just one of many social media platforms that must keep pace with changing market demand with the continued rise of TikTok. Along with Pinterest TV Studio, the company also launched Idea Pins, an actionable collection of up to 20 pages of videos, images, and text. The changes took Pinterest away from its original vision as an image-sharing platform. Nonetheless, stepping out of their comfort zone seems to be best for the company. During its earnings report last week, Pinterest mentioned seeing its Idea Pin save rate increase by more than 25% quarter-over-quarter.

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