The Origin escape room video game has a story


Enter the unforgettable world of 13: Origin by Corvus Studio. This escape game has an addicting storyline that keeps you playing.

Get the thrill of an escape room right in your own home with the Corvus Studio 13: Origin escape video game. This puzzle picks up where video games like Bedroom to fail ; it has a gripping storyline that lets you play around until you find out the old secret.

Corvus Studio 13: Origin game scene

Do you like puzzle games? Then you’ll want to take a look at Corvus Studio 13: Origin. It contains a tangle of clues that you must decipher to solve a mystery. Partly escape room, part The Da Vinci Code, it allows you to dive into ancient history and understand how endless the thread you are holding is. Let’s take a look at this.

Corvus Studio 13: Origin in a video

Get addicted to a compelling storyline

Unlike most games in the genre, the creators of this escape video game have developed a good storyline. Because, in the end, that’s what makes the most popular video games so great. These are wonderful stories that you can participate in, and that’s exactly what you get with Corvus Studio. 13: Origin.

The story begins with you, the head of a mental institution. You wake up locked in your room and realize it was your smartest (and most dangerous) patient who put you there. You must find your way by taking the journal you found and uncovering the clues to a mystery. Will you find the answer? Okay, that remains to be seen.

Enjoy the realistic graphics

The company’s website has an in-game teaser of what players can expect from the game, and it’s pretty impressive. At the start of the video, you find yourself in a room that looks like a college professor’s desk; the walls are paneled, there are bookcases and a large desk is at the back of the room.

As you walk around, you discover artifacts that you must examine and possibly save. Players will enjoy the detailed graphics and rich scenes. Overall, you can expect a game so immersive and beautiful that you’ll want to come back to it time and time again.

Corvus Studio game scene

Solve the puzzles

This story-based escape game is based on puzzles, so you will come across quite a few of them as you play. The creators say that some clues to the puzzles are hidden in the words, while others are in the stories. But nothing is really as it seems. In fact, you can expect this game to challenge your knowledge as well as your instincts.

Learn more about the story

The player’s story is quite compelling, but, in 13: Origin, this is not the only story you will have to follow. The puzzles you solve and the clues you find take you on a journey through ancient history and the story of the first man.

Consult the journal

Do you remember that diary we talked about at the start? It serves as a guide throughout the game. It tells you which artifacts to examine and is where the secrets of the game will be revealed to you. You will go there for answers.

Opt for a minimalist interface

While the storyline and puzzles are complex, the creators say they’ve tried to keep the interface and gameplay as minimal as possible. It’s great for gamers because you don’t have to find a difficult interface while solving complicated puzzles. You can just play and have fun with the game.

Corvus Studio game scene

Play this escape video game on your PC

This story-based escape game works on PC with Windows, and you only need a keyboard and mouse to play it. Plus, keyboard shortcuts like the control button for crouching and the arrow buttons for movement make this game easy to play. So you don’t need any special gaming gear – just you and a decent computer.

This means that virtually anyone can enjoy this game, from the experienced gamer to the person who just loves a good puzzle. The storyline, graphics and mechanics will appeal to you no matter what type of player you are.

Pre-order 13: Origin if you like video games that are more than puzzles

The room escape genre can sometimes seem like just puzzles played out in a heavily decorated library. But the Corvus Studio 13: Origin The story-driven escape video game is different. It claims an intriguing story and an ancient mystery. These, combined with the awesome graphics and streamlined interface, make it a great game that anyone can enjoy. If you are looking for an interesting new game, take a look at this one.

You want to help bring the Corvus Studio 13: Origin escape room video game to live? Then discover the company’s Kickstarter campaign, which will go live on September 20, 2021. What are your favorite escape game video games? Let us know about them in the comments.

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