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Our area offers Land of Waterfalls Camera Club photographers plenty of photographic opportunities. The club’s monthly meeting on Thursday, October 20 will feature footage captured at the recent Art is in the Air Festival and downtown street scenes. The theme of the show and tell meeting, on Zoom, which begins at 7 p.m., will be “Local Art”.

The Art is in the Air festival featured outdoor painting. The French expression “en plein air” means in the open air, or outdoors. It is related to the painting method of the same name, which opts for art entirely outdoors rather than in the studio. This gave photo enthusiasts the unlimited chance to photograph local artists as they captured local art.

The photographers also took advantage of the local downtown street art and were able to capture scenes, people, architectural elements and decorative artwork easily seen in the downtown area.

The show and tell format will allow members to post their images and explain how and why they were captured. It will also serve to demonstrate that great opportunities can be found in your own hometown and are not limited to distant exotic locations.

These monthly meetings open to the public will be “live” online with Zoom if the health danger of COVID-19 persists. Club members and guests are encouraged to register at least 10 minutes in advance (6:50 p.m.). Non-member invitees are encouraged to go to [email protected] for invitation and access information at least one day before the meeting.

All levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals, are welcome at the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club. No special equipment, training or software is required. To provide more focused forums for participatory learning and sharing in small groups, the club offers two special interest groups (SIGs). The Capture SIG focuses on how to take the best photo and meets at 7 p.m. via Zoom on the third Monday of the month. Post-processing GIS includes digital image development/checking into the final photograph and meets via Zoom at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of the month.

Visit the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club website at for more information.

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