The Stone Studio, a Female-Led Sculpture Art Startup, Sees 800% Revenue Growth in FY21


July 28, 2022 5:44 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]July 28 (ANI/SRV): The Stone Studio, a women-led D2C Sculpture Art startup in Odisha, saw over 800% revenue growth in FY21 compared to FY20 .
Turnover being the main source of revenue, it grew by 750% from FY21 to FY20.
Stone Studio’s growth will be accelerated by expanding its ambitions to establish multiple offline stores to gain market visibility and traction. Offline stores will help maintain the pace of growth seen in FY20 through FY21.
The Stone Studio was founded in October 2020, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha with the idea of ​​providing the best solutions for making individualized sculptures to a wide range of customers around the world, enabling them to create an unforgettable and memorable user experience.
The team believes that the best user experience is the main priority, which is a unique attribute in the market today. The company only focuses on customizations of God statues, contemporary garden sculptures, Buddha statues, fountains, indoor sculptures, murals, table decorations, antique-looking sculptures, of garden ornaments and planters in stone, fiber and wood.
By working with over 500 satisfied D2C customers worldwide, The Stone Studio has reached a new level. For the past two years, the organization has taken up major challenges in terms of artistic creation and created a buzz in the sculptural art industry.
During the pandemic, the business has been able to grow significantly and expand its online customer base, including Indian and overseas customers, which has not only made it easier for customers to access their favorite artworks in the comfort of their homes, but also allowed artisans to continue their work, develop their skills and earn a living.
The Stone Studio, being a seeded startup, has proven to be a positive market disruptor in the sculptural art industry, enabling users to access uniform prices in India as well as in global markets. As evidenced by the intricate carvings and meticulous craftsmanship, the brand offers modernized versions of traditional and contemporary designs. The result is a universe filled with the finest works of art, inspiring and portraying a greater approach to life.

“Artisans carve wonders from rough stone but if there are no takers, the beautiful wonders are left behind and due to financial stress, the best craftsmen abandon this talent for a more viable livelihood. This results in a huge loss for the art industry.” My success lies in preserving not only the art form, but also the artisans and their livelihoods. With our expert services, competitive pricing, and fervent desire to turn every proposition into a success, we are transforming ourselves into leaders,” said Sangeeta Beri, Founder of The Stone Studio.
The company believes a business can be successful by working in tandem with three factors: pre-sale knowledge, which involves educating customers about the materials they use, sustainability considerations, size and design options. , and occasionally help them select the statue. according to their inner preferences.
Second, putting a lot of effort into updating their clients on the progress of the project, which can sometimes be difficult, but is considered the most important step in gaining their trust. Last but not least, after the shipment of the goods, the company keeps track of each shipment and informs its customers, which allows them to set up the arrival formalities because the sculptures are bulky, fragile (sometimes weighing more than 3000 kg) and must be handled. with the greatest care.”
Sometimes it is quite difficult for a female entrepreneur to do such work justice. Sangeeta Beri shares her experience of working as a woman, saying, “Collaborating with a predominantly male workforce, which is absolutely new in the statue-making industry, was the colossal challenge I faced. I was confronted as a woman. I met several people who found it difficult to cooperate and did not feel comfortable with me when I was researching. However, I continued to work diligently to Modify it, regardless of their sandbox mindset. Little by little, this helped me break their mindset and train them to see things from a broader perspective.
Bottleneck protocols in documentation and logistical issues in exporting the art forms to different parts of the world from Odisha are the major challenges the organization has overcome over time. The co-founder of the company has been efficient in developing innovative business strategies and digital marketing methods, which has simplified the management of the company.
In response to a question regarding the company’s future goals, Sangeeta Beri said, “India’s arts and culture industry needs to change drastically. funds for art and sculptures.These mutual fund companies invest their clients’ money for about four years and invest in the purchase of profitable works of art.The global industry TAM is US$65.1 billion according to Statista report.
The Stone Studio must implement the best tactics to seize the opportunity in a market the size of an ocean. Each individual creates their ideal home, and we have the ability to enhance that space in each home they imagine as peaceful.
Sculptures and artworks are needed for every temple, garden, landscaping, balcony, yoga studio, resort, hotel, puja place, and any area imaginable. The company has plans stored in its pipeline to create multiple offline outlets to gain market exposure and greater traction to drive The Stone Studio’s growth.
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