The tourbillon watch inspired by the lotus by Kross Studio and Alain Silberstein


The Kross Studio boutique brand entered the scene last year and has already made a name for itself in the watchmaking scene. Known for its flamboyant Batman and Star Wars watches, the brand has calmed down a bit with its latest creation in collaboration with Alain Silberstein.

Dubbed the Lotus Tourbillon, the timepiece has the influence of Alain in the form of geometric shapes and pop culture design. In fact, it was the designer himself who was impressed with Kross Studio’s central vortex watch (having the Death Star theme) and contacted Marco Tedeschi, founder of Kross Studio for a lotus-inspired design.

Titanium lotus flower

The highlight of the timepiece is the central tourbillon surmounted by a lotus flower in polished grade 5 titanium. It has spiritual significance in most religions and adds a majestic influence with the four elements assembled in superposition.

The timing attributed to the peripheral hour and minute display orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. This gives a perception of the passage of time which is another strong point of the watch. The sublime 45mm titanium case is encapsulated by a black DLC treatment and the lotus is placed under a sapphire dome.

On the dial, the components are hand-satin finished in a circular shape from the center and the black treatment reinforces the perception of a lotus floating in serene waters. When light falls on the titanium lotus petals, they sparkle to reveal the visual magic of the timepiece.

Exquisite limited edition piece

The winding movement with 120 hours of power reserve is actuated by the central ring on the back and the pusher at the 3 and 4 o’clock position. This ensures a symmetrical design and quick winding compared to traditional crown watches. On the caseback, the red circles are aligned with the Kross Studio branding, and the graphic elements of Alain Silberstein engraved in yellow lacquer on the dial.

The watch has two strap options – one in black vegetable leather with rubber lining and the other in black rubber – both interchangeable. Lotus Tourbillon will be limited to just 18 pieces for a price of $ 80,000. The owner will obtain a certificate of authenticity signed by Alain Silberstein and Marco Tedeschi.

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