The wheel of time is so big that Amazon built a studio from scratch to shoot the series.


The wheel of time that Amazon is about to release is so big that Amazon has finally decided to stop looking for a big studio to shoot the production and build a brand new production studio in Prague, the capital of the Republic. Czech, and named it after the author of the book, Robert Jordan.

GQ producer David Brown says when they started looking to shoot the production they found the big studios in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, Budapest and Prague were already booked. “The series is going to be very creative. But how are we going to shoot it? This is where we made the decision to build a huge 32 million square foot studio, ”says Brown.

Instead of looking for such a studio, Amazon bought industrial buildings in Prague that previously served shipping companies and built Jordan Studios. The studio included a visual effects unit, a stunt room, a costume department, offices for the writing team, accounting and a “soundproof studio the size of a football field” and much more. ‘others.

Having this kind of control over the space allowed Amazon to take more risk in the creative process. The article explains how a town called Two Rivers was built for production and then razed to the ground for a single scene.

The size of the production helps the production to create a series that can compete with the most prestigious TV series such as Game of Thrones. Apparently, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wanted his own Game of Thrones for Amazon. Producer Mike Weber also talks about audience expectations for filming episodes like the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones, which get more and more expensive over time. The cost per episode of Wheel of Time is estimated to be around $ 10 million.

When the series aired on November 19, and when the first three chapters come out, we’ll see how these efforts and efforts pay off.

Joe Skrebels editor-in-chief at MRT.

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