TikTok helps woman spot hidden camera in dance studio bathroom


A woman spotted a secret camera recording her changing clothes, all thanks to a warning from TikTok.

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular video apps on Earth. The platform has become well known for its viral dances, hilarious repetitive audio clips and much more.

One thing that TikTok hasn’t specifically gained a reputation for is female safety awareness. However, a new news report may show users that the app is much more than dancing and laughing, as it can also be a place for the dissemination of very vital information to keep its users safe.


TikTok has exploded in popularity.

TikTok helps women discover the spy camera while changing

On August 16, a unidentified woman in Pennsylvania attended a private dance lesson at her instructor’s home studio.

The instructor, Francis Gerarn Laurenzi, gave her clothes to try on before the session. While changing in the bathroom, she noticed a cell phone charger plugged into an electrical outlet. She saw TikTok videos warning women about fake phone chargers that are actually secret cameras, and upon inspection, it was one of the same cameras.

She removed the data card from the fake charger and turned it over to Norristown police. The dance teacher was later arrested after authorities found more than 140 videos on the card spanning the past two years of spying.

Thanks to TikTok, which shows millions of search results for “hidden camera in charger”, the woman was able to identify the charger and ensure her safety by removing the data card and handing it to the police.

While TikTok isn’t always the best place to get information, what you come across can sometimes come in handy in urgent situations.

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