Tilta Nikon Z9 Cameras


Tilta introduced new Cameras for the Nikon Z9. The various cameras are designed to enhance the usability of the Z9 in production environments where additional accessories need to be attached or used with the camera.

There are three main camera mount kits available for the Z9. These are:

Complete Camera Cage for Nikon Z9

All kits revolve around the Full Camera Cage. The full camera cage has been designed to give you easy access to all camera controls and inputs/outputs while providing plenty of mounting points.

The cage features 1/4″-20 threads with and without locating pins, as well as cold shoe receivers, one is located on the side of the cage.

You will also find a NATO rail connection on the left side for mounting our optional Type IV/VI side power grips or side focus grips.

The bottom of the cage connects to your camera body and uses two additional contact points via security mounting brackets, located near the upper right and left sides of the camera.

The base of the cage features 1/4″-20 threads to attach your camera to various quick release plates and natively supports the Tiltaing 19mm Type I studio base plate.

The cage provides full access to the battery compartment, has a magnetic screwdriver, and can natively connect to the DJI RS2.

The cage features a mounting point for the dual 15mm rod holder accessory or the optional single 15mm rod holder.

These are two great lightweight options for securing accessories such as a follow focus motor via a single 15mm rod or a matte box via two rods.

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The Full Camera Cage tips the scales at 264.5g / 9.17oz and is made of aluminum alloy.

Camera Cage for Nikon Z9 Basic Kit

This kit includes the complete camera cage, as well as the Tiltaing Dual 15mm Rod Support Attachment and Tiltaing Lightweight Quick Release Top Handle with Arri Locating Pins.

The dual 15mm rod mount can be mounted on the front or rear of the camera.

Nikon Z9 Pro Kit Camera Cage

The Camera Cage Kit for Nikon Z9 Pro includes the following items:

Screenshot 2022 03 24 at 9 29 34 AM

Essentially this kit includes everything from the first two kits with the addition of a tilting left side advanced power grip with on/off (F570 battery), USB-C port advanced side grip on/off cable , a tilting advanced left side grip attachment type VI, and a Studio Tiltaing 19mm Type I baseplate.

This kit would be your best option if you need something a bit more advanced where you’re using larger cine lenses and bigger accessories.

All the prices I’ve listed are a 10% savings that’s available with pre-orders through April 5th. Free shipping is available for US orders over US$299 and there is an international flat rate of US$35.

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