Today’s Al Roker snubs fans as they shout his name outside the studio, but co-host Hoda Kotb waves and dances with the audience


TODAY Show news anchor Al Roker snubbed fans as they shouted his name outside the studio – but his co-host Hoda Kotb took the time to run to the back to dance with the audience.

Yesterday morning, a recording insider told The Sun Al, 68, passed by fans keen to meet the star – but his attention may have been elsewhere as the presenter was also celebrating his birthday.


Today news anchor Hoda Kotb danced with fans and waved at them during the live taping of Friday morning’s Citi Concert SeriesCredit: Getty
Although Hoda co-host Al Roker snubbed fans eager to meet their favorite anchor


Although Hoda co-host Al Roker snubbed fans eager to meet their favorite anchor1 credit

Today cameras were focused on filming the Citi concert series at their New York studios yesterday with guest performer Brendon Urie who is known to be the lead singer of Panic! At the disco.

As the live cameras focused on the main act, Hoda, 58, and Al enjoyed the performance and danced with the crowd in the VIP section.

The insider told The Sun that Al was heading to the back section when groups of fans were shouting his name, eager to meet their favorite host today.

However, Al abruptly turned away and walked past the fans shouting his name, without even a wave.

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Meanwhile, Hoda took the time to walk up to the fans in the back of the general admission section.

She even had a touching private moment with a fan while the cameras were rolling.


Yesterday, The Sun exclusively reported that Hoda cried during a special chat with a fan battling breast cancer.

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In March 2007, Hoda underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery to battle her diagnosed breast cancer.

While she has since been one of the most recognized faces on American television screens, fans have praised her advocacy for breast cancer awareness.

As the live cameras focused on Panic! during the Disco’s performance, Hoda was pushed aside by a fan holding a sign stating that she was battling breast cancer.

Today’s anchor spent more time with the fan as she cried and placed her hand over her heart.

As her eyes filled with humble tears, Hoda hugged her fan and smiled to take a selfie in front of the sign.

Other fans gathered at the concert applauded the moving moment the cameras missed as Panic! at the Disco continued to play.

Meanwhile, Hoda’s co-host rival Savannah Guthrie, 50, was absent from this morning’s taping.


Earlier this month, Today’s staffers told The Sun they picked secret favorites amid the feud between Hoda and Savannah.

The staff exclusively told The Sun that they preferred Hoda to Savannah and raved about their favorite news anchor.

A source said Hoda was everyone’s “absolute favourite” and was “so warm and friendly” to all the staff behind the cameras.

The source shared that Hoda makes time to talk to the staff and organizes little Q&As for the summer interns.

Hoda is also a “great off-camera mentor” and even knows the names of everyone in the studio.

As today’s Staff source gushed about Hoda, they didn’t mention anything about Savannah.

Meanwhile, Savannah and Hoda have come under fire from fans over their on-air behavior after it was revealed the two secretly “can’t stand each other” off-camera.


As Hoda was praised by her staff and co-workers for her “warm and friendly” nature, Savannah snubbed her interns and her hair and makeup team in a cold off-camera moment.

Backstage at the national morning show’s New York studios is always bustling – but according to a recording insider, Savannah’s assistants haven’t even received so much as a thank you.

During the rapid scene changes in commercial breaks during filming earlier this month, Savannah had a full team of assistants to lend a hand.

Someone who appeared to be an intern was in charge of changing the calling cards and presenter notes between segments.

Savannah’s hair and makeup team also came in for some last-minute touch-ups.

While the support staff did their best to help organize the show, Savannah was either talking to her co-hosts or on the phone.

The news anchor never made eye contact with her staff or even said thank you.

Meanwhile, the star smiled broadly for the camera as she took center stage while Hoda was away for the week to celebrate her birthday with her family.


While Hoda was off the air, Savannah took center stage leading the biggest stories and interacting with fans amid their ongoing feud.

The Sun exclusively reported that Savannah beamed from ear to ear as she starred in the morning report.

According to the insider during taping, today’s staff arranged the panel layout so that Savannah is placed front and center.

Savannah also reported on all the biggest news and interviewed celebrity guest Idris Elba solo while Hoda was away.

When Savannah left the studio to film outside, she got a big roar from the fans and smiled, making sure to wave goodbye to everyone and even stop to talk to a few fans.


Over the summer, there was speculation that the co-stars were at odds behind the cameras.

In June, a source close to the production revealed to The Sun that the co-hosts secretly “can’t stand each other”.

The insider claimed, “Savannah is the boss. After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah took over and she really wanted Willy Geist as Hoda, but her ratings just didn’t live up to the mark. network.”

“Hoda maneuvered Savannah and got the spot.”

The source added that Savannah “considers herself a true journalist.”

“Jenna landed the best TV job with no experience – no one works better than Jenna.”

The insider concluded, “She’s mastered the art of acting.”

Honda is described as “the lightweight who drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford”.

“Savannah was the White House correspondent before she got the host job, which also explains her love for Jenna since her dad was president.”

Hoda’s co-host Jenna Bush Hager is the daughter of former President George W. Bush.

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Even though Jenna is Hoda’s co-host, the insider claimed that Jenna played both sides between the women.

“Jenna and Savannah are best friends, and they put Hoda off.”

As the fans in the back shouted Al's name, he passed without so much as a wave.


As the fans in the back shouted Al’s name, he passed without so much as a wave.Credit: Alamy
Meanwhile, Hoda made it to the back of the crowd to spend some quality time with some lucky fans.


Meanwhile, Hoda made it to the back of the crowd to spend some quality time with some lucky fans.Credit: Splash
The Citi Concert Series featured Panic!  at Disco amid Hoda's alleged feud with Savannah Guthrie - who was missing her usual spot on the panel


The Citi Concert Series featured Panic! at Disco amid Hoda’s alleged feud with Savannah Guthrie – who was missing her usual spot on the panelCredit: Today Show/Twitter

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