TOHO and Studio Orange Release Trigun Stampede Trailer at Anime Expo


Vash is back and he has a new look! The popular 90s anime, Trigun, is getting a fresh new anime from TOHO and Studio Orange. Over the weekend, the first trailer for Stampede Trigun made its grand debut on the Trigun panel at Anime Expo! This information comes from animenewsnetwork.

Stampede Trigun is directed by Kenji Mutou, who has worked with Studio Orange on previous shows as a screenwriter for Beastars and episode director for Land of the Shining. Kouiji Tajima is credited with the roles of concept designer and character concept. The CGI anime will star Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)) as Vash, Junya Ikeda (Jō Kido in Digimon Adventure Tri) as Tomoyo Kurosawa Knives (Phos in Land of the Shining) as Young Vash, Yumiri Hanamori (Ai Hayasaka in Kaguya-Sama: Love is War) as Young Knives, and Maaya Sakamoto (Merlin from The seven deadly sins) as Rem.


Yashuhiro Nightow, the creator of the original Trigun manga, appeared as a guest on the panel. Taima also appeared with him as a guest with Orange producers Kiyotaka Waki ​​(Godzilla’s singular point) and Yoshihiro Watanabe (Beastars). TOHO Producer Katsuhiro Takei (your name) also joined the panel as a guest.

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A stampede in the desert

Trigun started as a manga which debuted in 1995, the series will continue for 97 chapters in total and will end in 2009. In 1998, an anime adaptation by Studio Madhouse premiered on TV Tokyo and ran for 26 episodes. The story follows Vash the Stampede, a surprisingly pacifist gunslinger on the run from bounty hunters. Wherever he goes, destruction follows him, but not from his own gun but from the very bounty hunters after the 60 billion “double dollar” reward for his head. But Vash has no recollection of the incident that led to his wanted poster due to a severe case of amnesia. The destruction that follows Vash is what earns him his nickname, “Stampede.”

The show was considered a hit and was licensed by Pioneer Entertainment (later renamed Geneon USA) for distribution in the United States in 1999. The show gained a large following in America, airing on Adult Swim in 2003 and releasing a popular DVD box set. In 2010, Vash jumped onto the big screen with Trigun: Badlands Rumble premiered in Japanese theaters. The film was licensed and released in the United States by Funimation, which had also signed a deal with Geneon for a DVD and Blu-Ray release of the series. The series is now available on Crunchyroll streaming service after Sony bought the two companies.

What sets Stampede Trigun apart from its predecessor is that, at least according to the trailer, stampede will focus more on Vash’s mysterious past as well as the relationship with his twin brother Knives. The series will also lean more into the sci-fi elements of the original story. With a new look, a new world, and a new direction, Trigun Stampede will bring Vash to a new generation of fans with a fresh coat of paint. Crunchyroll will simulcast the anime when it premieres in 2023!

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