Tom Holland Says Spider-Man: No Way Home Introduces ‘Raimi Camera’ Style In MCU


Indeed, a genre director by training before moving on to Hollywood dramas and (eventually) superhero blockbusters, Raimi cut his teeth in groovy horror films like the evil Dead trilogy. What these films lacked in budget they made up for with a great deal of flair, drawing attention to slanted camera angles and aggressive, scathing movements. Raimi also brought the same gonzo energy to many scenes of Spider-Man in the 2000s. The sequence where Molina Doc Ock slaughters a room full of surgeons is a special showcase for the gleeful cinematic carnage unleashed in the typically clean and crisp realm of superhero movies.

Holland also tells us that working with Molina and others from the original films provided a great opportunity to compare notes on how things were done differently back then compared to how Marvel Studios produces super movies. hero now.

“There were a lot of [comparing notes], actually, “says Holland,” especially with Alfred, because I think back to the days when his arms were puppeteers, and obviously in this movie, they’re completely CG. So I think that gave him a lot more creative freedom in how you can move around the set. It was really nice to see someone adapt to the new way of making cinema.

Zendaya also enjoys the pleasure of working with Molina and Dafoe as colleagues after growing up with them in these roles.

“It was crazy,” Zendaya says. “Unreal. Actually, there were days Tom would ask us to come, just as emotional support, because it’s a crazy thing.

Holland also teases that he would bring in Zendaya and Batalon on days they weren’t even on the stage, especially for a Major sequence that he is not free to describe.

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