Top Spin 5 is in development at Czech studio Hangar 13 – Rumor


Hangar 13’s open-world sci-fi superhero game ended up being cancelled, according to reports last year, but other reports in recent weeks have claimed the studio has quickly moved on to its new projects – and apparently there are quite a few in the works. In addition to a new Mafia A game that will supposedly serve as a prequel to its three predecessors, Hangar 13 also appears to be dipping its toes in water with a beloved sports franchise.

Speaking during an episode of the XboxEra Podcast, XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker claimed that the Hangar 13 studio in the Czech Republic is working on a new top-spin game. This will surprise many, given that tennis games haven’t exactly had a huge market on the medium in recent years, with top-spin especially after being dormant for quite a while. The last episode of the series, Top Spin 4, came out over ten years ago, in 2011.

Again, 2K as a publisher likes to target sports audiences with a variety of products, and the latest top-spin The game was developed by 2K Czech, which eventually turned into Czech team Hangar 13, so this rumor makes a lot of sense. As is the case with any leak, until we hear something official, take this with a grain of salt.

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