Total War Studio is working on a “major new franchise”


Creative Assembly, the creator of the Total War franchise, is working on a “new franchise,” according to job postings on the studio’s website (H/T NextSegment).

In fact, Creative Assembly and its publisher, SEGA, posted several job postings stating that the studio is hiring for “a new project, as part of a new franchise.” The senior gameplay programmer job description states that the game will be created “on top of Unreal Engine 5”, making it the first studio to use Unreal. The descriptions also refer to a sci-fi setting.

Science fiction is not far from the bailiwick of Creative Assembly. The studio released Alien Isolation, a first-person survival horror game based on the Alien franchise, in October 2014.

While it’s possible that these listings relate to the studio’s next game based on the Alien franchise, other listings of work on this game explicitly referenced the franchise. The fact that these new listings make no such reference indicates that they are probably intended for another project.

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