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November 15, 2022 11:52 am STI

New Delhi [India], November 15 (ANI/PNN): Live broadcasting is one of the many new occupations that can bring people a fortune, once they have established their brand and carved out a place for themselves. In fact, many digital creators spread across the country are using this medium to gain popularity, reach a wider audience, and generate revenue. Live streaming platforms like StreamKar have enabled these creators to achieve their goals.
StreamKar has an incredible influence on desi audiences around the world. It is basically an India-based startup envisioned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and receives investment from leading US-based Android developers – Tipping Points Technology Limited. With over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and massive appeal on the iOS App Store, the app has grown in popularity.
Importance of a live broadcast studio
If live streaming is something content creators love and want to progress, they need to have the basic equipment. This includes a laptop, computer, or cell phone, a handheld microphone or a microphone that people can attach to their lapel, a tripod to hold a device steadily, and a ring light for better lighting. While it’s enough to set them up on a desk, many creators who want to become influencers can set up an entire studio space so they can go live professionally. “If monetization is a goal, a professional setup can help attract joint ventures with big-name influencers,” suggested SharukhDongarkar, COO, Melot Technologies Private Limited.
A step-by-step guide to setting up a live streaming studio
Rome was not built in a day. Setting up a live streaming studio won’t happen overnight either. Here are some steps on how streamers can create a creative space for themselves:
– Design and spatiality set the tone of the flow. Diffusers can include unique and decorative background ideas by introducing removable artwork such as posters, shelves to display books, props to display fun trinkets or pop culture characters, or a chroma screen (also called green screen) to insert a digital backdrop. .

– For a good quality stream, choose the best audio and video equipment. Whether it’s a webcam, camcorder, or DSLR up to 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution and an appropriate microphone, creators should choose wisely because it’s a one-time long-term investment.
– Professional and high quality streams are devoid of background noise. Soundproofing a studio can prevent noise from outside and reduce echo inside the studio. Installing soundproof foam panels can also help maintain the audio quality of live streams. Placing curtains on windows can prevent sound waves from traveling. Since sound from the environment can also disrupt a broadcast, creators can consider installing acoustic panels on their ceilings or installing rugs, carpets and foam tiles on the floor to prevent any noise that could disrupt their diffusion.
– Lighting is an important aspect of any stream. Streamers can choose the right space and design with lots of natural light flooding the room so they are less reliant on artificial light sources. Avoid overhead lighting which can darken a streamer’s face. It may take a few experiments to see which lighting works best, but a process of trial and error can help content creators better understand live streaming as an art.
– Using an Ethernet cable is preferable to Wi-Fi. Set up a stable internet connection inside the studio so that streams flow seamlessly without any buffering and influencers are not interrupted in between both. Depend on cellular data as a last resort.
– As influencers expand their fan base, they may also try to explore other accessories. A second screen to view a live chat stream, headphones, and extra cables aren’t required, but people can always consider accessorizing. It can also give them a sense of professionalism.
– All of this studio setup ultimately comes down to the right live streaming platform used by the creators.
“If content creators want to climb the ladder of success, creating a studio is the first step towards achieving their goals,” Sharukh said. With streaming available in many languages ​​(English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam), with the ability to get and give gifts to other streamers, participate in fun games and chats and show its talent with strong security and safety, rest assured, StreamKar as a live streaming platform will not disappoint you.
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