Vegan Studio shares delicious ways to help Mother Earth



BUFFALO, NY – A woman from Buffalo promotes sustainability both in her business and in her daily life. Vegan Studio launched about a year ago and its creator aims for a zero waste lifestyle.

For Naquasia Boyd, baking is more than a passion. It supports her and the community.

She started Studio Vegan about a year ago. A plant-based bakery and meal preparation service, its customers range from New York to Germany, from simple Joe’s to members of the Buffalo Bills. Even in the midst of a pandemic, his business has exploded thanks to increased demand for animal-free products.

“When you know what you’re putting into your body and you know where it’s coming from, I feel like you have a better state of mind,” she said.

This kind of whole food approach is something she follows in work and in life.

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“As humans we leave so much like garbage and we are literally destroying the planet one day at a time with what we consume,” she said. “So my ultimate goal was to have a fully sustainable pantry. “

From dehydrating food to growing your own crops. Some for her and some for the clients. Try not to be part of the problem. And share his zero waste journey along the way.

“Social media for me has been huge,” she explained. “It has helped me in a lot of ways, it’s sharing because I mean, I don’t make people look like what I do or be part of my lifestyle, but I educate them.”

Share your process from start to finish. Whether it’s sustainable plant cultivation or plant-based cooking.

“It’s what you know you want you want to give back to the planet where she gave you,” she said. “You don’t want things to get worse. “

Something for Mother Earth and something for you. And how satisfying the durability can be.

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