Videosys Broadcast Releases Epsilon Camera Control Upgrades


Broadcasting of videosys (opens in a new tab) will unveil its latest update to its user-friendly wireless 4K camera and video control system, Epsilon. The camera now has a 12G output, giving operators the option of simplified 12G single-cable connectivity. This useful addition can dramatically improve workflow, especially when projects are shot in 4K.

Compatible with major manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, GVC, ARRI, Hitachi and Ikegami, Epsilon is an integrated solution designed to simplify the installation and operation of traditional radio camera systems in all areas of outdoor broadcasting and studio production. It is conceptually similar to standard CCU systems supplied by major camera manufacturers, which means that operators tasked with matching multiple camera setups can do so quickly and efficiently because they already know the connection nomenclature.

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Videosys Broadcast showcases Epsilon camera control upgrades at IBC 2022.

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“Epsilon is already a very versatile tool,” says Colin Tomlin, General Manager of VideoSys Broadcast. “Operators working in an HD environment can still use 3G SDI, but for those working in 4G they now have access to 12G SDI outputs, now commonplace on new equipment.”

Epsilon includes up to two dual-channel fiber optic receiver modules, an RF receiver, and HD–H264 or H265 decoder options up to 4K. Epsilon can operate on one or two pedestals, improving data throughput while maintaining robust RF performance. This is especially important for high quality Light Entertainment productions where very high picture quality is required without increased latency.

In addition to 12G SDI upgrade, Videosys Broadcast also added TSL TallyMan features. This means that operators can use the full power of TallyMan’s control system with the clocking and UMD data available.

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“With its simple touchscreen interface and compatibility with our existing camera control systems, Epsilon is perfectly suited for studio and outdoor events,” added Tomlin. “With optional dual-head operation, it also offers up to four channels of Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) diversity, with unparalleled receive performance.”

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