VR installation begins at Drik Studio reimagining the future of libraries


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An immersive virtual reality (VR) installation has begun at Drik Studio in Dhaka’s Panthapath, reimagining the future of libraries as interactive spaces that engage visitors through multi-sensory forms of storytelling.

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, in partnership with The Tech Academy, hosts “The Infinite Library”.

The VR installation takes visitors through a cave with access to small chambers that double as portals, or micro-worlds, that allow time travel.

It seeks to integrate human stories into a much grander narrative, which includes the birth of the planet and the evolution of all life forms.

The “Library” part of the installation is conceived as a living organism, a sort of embodiment of knowledge that presents itself personally to visitors before inviting them to explore its home. This includes a QR code game, holograms, 3D printed objects, audiovisual works and the centerpiece of the project: an extensive VR library set in a cave.

The project is an immersive storytelling experience that visualizes different cultural contexts through the past, present and future, expanding the concept of the library into a cross-cultural concept of knowledge transfer via virtual reality rooms.

Within this virtual space, The Infinite Library hosts smaller sub-libraries, all of which are connected in nature. Each VR room features a knowledge system dedicated to South Indian puppetry, European alchemy, and Polynesian navigation from around the world.

Tech Academy CEO Shams Jaber said virtual reality is one of the technologies with the highest growth potential and this event aims to show our young people what the libraries of the future could look like with technology. advent of virtual reality.

Mika Johnson, Creative Director of The Infinite Library, said: “The Infinite Library is an example of how we can use new technologies, such as virtual reality, to share stories in ways that transport us to different places or moments, through simulations that allow us to touch and interact with diverse knowledge systems.”

The facility will remain open to visitors until September, daily from 3-8 p.m.

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