Vū Technologies Expands Virtual Studio Network in Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Vū Technologies announced the opening of its Nashville, Tennessee studio.

The new 16,000 square foot Vū Nashville studio is the latest addition to the company-owned portfolio of virtual production studios and is part of a larger corporate strategy to create the largest network of virtual production studios in North America.

“Nashville has become an incredible destination for media and entertainment and we believe it’s the perfect place to expand our network.” said Tim Moore, CEO and co-founder of Vū Technologies. “Our new Nashville studio was built in partnership with Citation Support, which has a long-standing reputation in the Nashville production industry, and is designed to meet the toughest production demands of our clients. “

Vū Technologies owns and operates advanced virtual production soundstages that allow directors to film their talent in photorealistic LED volumes, the company said.

“Vū Studios provides deeply immersive virtual environments allowing actors to perform as if they were on location,” Moore said.

“Vū Studios is about much more than our advanced LED panels,” added Jon Davila, President and Co-Founder of Vū Technologies. “Vū has invested heavily in R&D, integrating camera tracking and real-time rendering applications to create immersive virtual environments allowing actors to perform in real time across geographically diverse studios.

As part of the studio, Vū had integrated Mo-Sys camera tracking technology, Mark Roberts Motion Control, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA GPUs, and other technologies that help generate realistic backgrounds in time. real, rendered from the perspective of the moving camera with perfect parallax.

The Vū Studio Nashville also includes the world’s first integrated Vū tracking screen, which was announced in January 2021, and an innovative system that allows Vū Studio soundstages to be theatrically lit above the closed volume.

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