WABC honors McGuirk at mass, renames main studio after him



KMOX reporter Debbie Monterrey found herself being a concerned mother while doing her work live.

On Monday, Monterrey learned that her 17-year-old daughter Caeli, a senior at Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience, was inside the same building during the lockdown.

TMZ relayed the text Monterrey received from her daughter when the incident happened and while the KMOX reporter was live to give live updates on the exact situation.

“OMG there is an intruder in the building”, “OMG this is not a drill” and “OMG the alarms are going off.”

Monterrey took to Twitter after Monday’s incident and relayed the emotions she felt for her daughter, but also tried to keep it professional as she gave the live report of the shooting.

“[On Monday] I was on @kmoxnews when my daughter started texting me saying her school was closed,” Monterrey tweeted. “Mermaids. Yelling. Next, I have to start talking ON THE AIR about the latest school shooting in the United States. My daughter’s school.

“I had to keep my cool and be professional while the mother in me wanted to run out of the room. When she texted that she was out and safe, and we went to the commercial, I started crying.

A student and a teacher were killed, while seven others were injured in the incident. Police would kill 19-year-old gunman Orlando Harris, who was reported to have graduated from school a year earlier.

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