Walk the Seven Kingdoms with the new GoT Studio Tour


Here is a preview of the new Game of thrones studio opened in February 2022 in Banbridge, Northern Ireland

For everyone Game of thrones fans who still miss the hit TV series, the Seven Kingdoms are coming very soon in a new Game of thrones Visit of the studios.

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Image: Instagram / @ gotstudiotour

Located in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, the new Had The tour will take place in the Linen Mill Studios, halfway between the most famous cities of Belfast and Dublin. Linen Mill Studios is where some of the most iconic Game Of Throneslast suppers were filmed.

Incidentally, the eight seasons of the Emmy-winning series GoT were filmed primarily in Northern Ireland at 25 film locations, including the Cushendun Caves and the famous Dark Hedges. The series was also shot in Scotland, Iceland and Croatia.

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Image: Instagram / @ gotstudiotour

As you might expect, Northern Ireland saw a surge in visitor arrivals as fans wanted to visit the locations where the popular series was filmed.

Opening on February 4, 2022, the new tour promises to be an immersive experience that brings Westeros to life on an epic scale.

“Your journey through the making of
Game of thrones begins at the Wall in the vast and frozen north and all that lies in the darkness beyond… ”the website promises. “Be one of the first to stand on the slabs of the Great Hall at Winterfell, see the stoic seat of the Night’s Watch, investigate the shadows of the Hall of Faces and many other authentic settings from Seasons 1 through 8 … “

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Image: Instagram / @ gotstudiotour

Indeed, the 110,000 square foot tourist attraction will allow fans to relive some of the series’ most dramatic moments with elaborate sets, original props, imagery and costumes from the series. Had universe. Visitors will be able to visit King’s Landing, Braavos, Dorne and Dragonfell; these sets were reconstructed by the same construction crews and artists who had worked on the show. Expect to marvel at the Great Hall at Winterfell where Jon Snow has been proclaimed the new King of the North, see the famous throne of Dragonstone, and get up close and personal with Daenerys’ white fur coat.

Peter van Roden, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, reportedly said, “Knowing that you are in the same place where some of the show’s most memorable moments were filmed is an incredible feeling, and we know fans will feel the same when they see the wealth up close. details of sets, costumes and accessories.

Tickets for the new experience are priced at £ 39.50 for an adult and £ 27.50 for a child and, due to the pandemic, must be booked in advance through the website.

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