Warner Bros. Studio Tour London announces feature film about mandrakes and magical creatures




All new for 2022, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London opens the glass doors of Professor Sprout’s greenhouse for the very first time. The greenhouse is a fan-favorite setting from the Harry Potter film series, where students learned their herbology lessons from Professor Pomona Sprout. Built by the original filmmakers of Harry Potter, the greenhouse is home to many exotic and magical plants. Much like a Hogwarts student, visitors to the Studio Tour will be able to enter the greenhouse and stop to pull out a potted mandrake as part of an interactive exhibit.

Based on the scene of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, visitors will recognize the Venomous Tentacula hanging from the ceiling as they walk through the greenhouse. During filming, various techniques were used to achieve the movement of the magical plants. The twisty gripping motion of the Tendrils of the Tentacula was computer generated, however, the movement of the Mandrakes was achieved using animatronic controllers hidden under the table.

The Greenhouse is a permanent addition to the Studio Tour and will open as part of a brand new feature, Mandrakes and Magical Creatures, which opens July 1, 2022. As part of this feature, visitors will be welcomed into the Great Hall for the Frog Choir scene as seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanfeaturing the costume of choir director, Professor Flitwick, worn by Warwick Davis.

Keen-eyed fans should be on the lookout for their favorite magical creatures as they explore the studio
Tour, as Cornish Pixies, Dumbledore’s beloved Fawkes and the animatronic Monster Book of Monsters can be spotted when visiting. Plus, movie fans will learn how Thestrals and Mandrakes were brought to life using a mix of scale models and CGI in the Creature Workshop.

In addition to the exciting addition of Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will expand the exterior sets of their backlot with new additions including the Hogwarts courtyard fountain and a 1:3 scale version of the Weasley’s Burrow.

The scale model of The Burrow is an exciting addition to the Studio Tour background area, as moviegoers will learn the camera tricks behind the scenes outside the family home, seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. During production, The Burrow took the filmmakers 14 weeks to build but only six minutes to burn in the iconic scene where the Death Eaters set the house on fire.

Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse, Courtyard Fountain and Weasley Burrow exterior will be permanent additions to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. The Mandrakes and Magical Creatures feature will run from July 1 to September 12, 2022.

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