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Anyone can take a great photo with their phone, but have you ever wondered why your friends’ photos often look better than yours?

It’s not the take, it’s the editing. People who use their smartphone camera for business realize that their camera roll photos rarely look professional. There are many photo editing apps in both app stores, but one is easier than the other. PhotoRoom is one of those apps with tools that good photographers are looking for.

For one thing, it removes anything distracting in the background. I took a picture of my friends in their cafe. If I want to make them stand out, I’ll just use the PhotoRoom app to delete everything in
the busy background.

It uses artificial intelligence to find the subject, in this case people, and removes everything else from the shot. It instantly creates a new image from that scan, so the only thing you see in the photo is the subject. To promote their business, I chose to keep the sign visible and blur everything else.

I could also completely remove the background for a professional studio look. I can then place this photo in different frames and add text and stickers. PhotoRoom is especially popular with sellers on Poshmark and other online marketplaces.

I took a picture of a purse lying on a bed. PhotoRoom removed the quilt from the photo to make it look like the photo was taken in the studio against a white, black or purple background, or I could add other background images.

The results are a much more professional photo to add to the list. It also creates awesome profile pictures for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Automatically scanning a photo in my camera roll of my daughter, I removed the beach background and placed her photo on a solid background for what you typically see in professional profile pictures.

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