What this Roblox Studio merger really means for games



The Twin Atlas merger recalls how far “Roblox” has come since the platform launched in 2006. Back then, most experiences were produced by individual creators and small teams, while monetization was extremely limited. 2022 sees the platform very differently, and it’s not just because the most memorable “Roblox” sound is gone. These days there are fully functioning companies dedicated to producing “Roblox” games, and they don’t just survive, they thrive.

By Axios’ report, the two studios merging into Twin Atlas were profitable ventures without outside financing. This is largely due to the growing popularity of “Roblox” in recent years. When Roblox Corporation went public in 2021, it had an eye-watering valuation of $45.3 billion, becoming the most valuable public gaming company (via PitchBook). “The pandemic has thrown us five years into the future,” Twin Atlas CEO Samuel Garcia told Axios.

The success of “Roblox” as a lucrative platform for big business and independent creators means it remains a powerhouse in video games. It also demonstrates a growing interest from non-gaming companies in games for advertising purposes. Twin Atlas head of business development, Gavin Rosenthal, told Axios that developing sponsored “Roblox” experiences, like “The VMA Experience,” accounts for 30% of their business. With many eyes on “Roblox” in both gaming and non-gaming spaces, similar platforms may gain popularity in the future.

“Roblox” is the future of Twin Atlas. It can also herald the future of the games industry.

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