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What’s new in VS Code 1.66 (March 2022 Update)

Here’s what’s new in the Visual Studio Code March 2022 Update (v1.66), as highlighted by the development team:

  • local history – Keep track of local file changes independent of source control: Developers can now see local file history in the Timeline view and explore the contents of a file at the time the entry was made, by also sometimes seeing associated semantic information such as indications of refactoring. They can also compare changes to other entries, restore content, and delete/rename the entry with new settings and global commands.
    Local history in action
    [Click on image for larger, animated GIF view.] Local history in action (source: Microsoft).
  • Parameters editor language filter – Displays available language-specific settings: Language-specific settings, also known as language overrides, can be viewed and edited using a command in the settings editor search box, which displays all parameters associated with the language specified in the search.
  • Endpoint Finder Improvements – Matches are highlighted in the terminal panel and scroll bar: now, just like searching for a document, all instances of the search term will be highlighted in a terminal search, as well as the currently selected match that has its own customizable highlight.
  • Built-in CSS/LESS/SCSS trainers – Code formatting for CSS, LESS and SCSS: a formatter has been added to the built-in CSS extension, implemented by the JS Beautify library and upcoming settings to enable/disable the default CSS formatter, rulesets and separate selectors, and more.
  • JavaScript heap profiles – Collect and view JS memory allocations while debugging: Coders can now collect and view heap profiles (where and how much memory is allocated over time) in the JavaScript debugger.
  • VS Code for Web – Drag and drop files and folders into vscode.dev: The online versions of VS Code (vscode.dev or insiders.vscode.dev) now allow users to drag and drop local files and folders into a browser window if the browser supports the web file system access API to access content. They can be dropped in the editor area or in the file explorer.
  • Remote – SSH support for Mac – Connect via SSH to Apple Silicon/M1/ARM64 machines: in the continuous effort to improve remote development extensions, which enable full development environments in containers, remote machines or the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), the team announced:
    • “Open in remote container” badge – Directs users of your repository to reopen in a custom development container.
    • The Remote – SSH extension can now connect to remote Apple Silicon/M1/ARM64 machines.
  • New topic on the R language – Learn to use R for data science in VS Code: this refers to the new R in Visual Studio Code topic describing R programming language support (R is usually associated with statistics-related libraries) in VS Code with the R extension.

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