“Wheel Of Time” Author Confirms Play With Major Studio


So, The wheel of time Seems to be having a good year, doesn’t it? The fantasy novel series saw its last episode released in 2013 – but this year it not only got a TV adaptation on Amazon Prime, but now it looks like it will have a new video game as well.

Author Brandon Sanderson, who picked up the series in 2007 when original writer Robert Jordan passed away, recently confirmed in a blog post that he was working on a game for The wheel of time for quite some time now, and it’s probably going to be announced in the coming year. Exciting!

ICYMI … discover the trailer for the first season of The wheel of time Prime Video series below.

“I have been working on a video game for several years and I think it will be announced this year. So, start speculating! he wrote. “Note: this is not for any of my properties, but something new that I have built with them. It’s a gaming company that many of you have heard of, but probably not the one you are thinking about right now. Not the other one either.

It should be noted here that it should be emphasized that this is a New game – the first Wheel of Time game, which was a first-person shooter, was actually released in 1999 on PC. Not that I imagine it was a staple title in anyone’s game library, so you’d be forgiven for thinking the next game would be the first of its kind.

The author also mentioned the Prime Video series in his blog post, stating, “I don’t agree with all of the decisions made while creating (and that includes content that I find objectionable). However, I love the team that works there, and I feel like they listened to my voice because I have been advocating for a lot behind the scenes.

The first season of the Prime Video series began on November 19, with the sixth and final episode scheduled to air tomorrow, December 24 (good Christmas Eve treat, over there). However, a second series has already been given the nod, so this is far from the end – we just don’t know when we’ll see it, just yet. Apparently filming started in July of this year, so that’s something.

As for this next game, however, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled next year for any news on it. It will be interesting to see who ends up doing it, as this is apparently a company that we will have heard of. Only time (laugh please) will say so.

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