When are Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s Avatar movies coming out?



Here are the release dates for Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s three Avatar movies.

Want to know when Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s Avatar movies will be released? Since the announcement of these three films, fans have wanted to know the answer to this question and many more. Here’s everything you need to know about each movie’s specific release date.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s Avatar Movies Release Date

At present, we don’t know the release date of any of the three movies. At this point, the names haven’t even been attached to the projects.

What we do know is that show creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino will serve as executive producers. In terms of directing, it was also clarified that Nickelodeon Animation’s Executive Vice President of Films and Worldwide Franchises, Latifa Ouaou, will oversee the development of the first film and will likely end up directing.

When an exact release date for each movie is revealed, we’ll be sure to update this article. For now, relax in this iceberg with Appa and we’ll melt you when the time comes.

That’s all you need to know about when Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s Avatar movies will be released. If you’re still looking for more information on the series, be sure to check out the rest of emagtrends to see the rest of our guides, which contain plenty of tips, tricks, and FAQs.

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