Wit Studio Staff Talk Season 1 Highlights And All Those Anya Memes (Exclusive)


Spy x Family is over with its first courtship, and it would be putting it lightly to say that the series has done well. The hit anime launched earlier this year to wild acclaim and has already earned a spot among the best anime of 2022. With another yard to go, all eyes are on the show’s staff as they’re gearing up for Anya’s return, and ComicBook recently had the chance to speak with some of its creators!

During Anime Expo, Wit Studio producers Kazue Hayashi and Kazuki Yamanaka sat down with ComicBook to go over the highlights of the first season. The staff shared Spy x Family episodes the team is most proud of, and of course, they had a few words to pass on about Anya memes from the internet.


Spy x Family is already considered one of the best anime series of this year with American fans. As producers of the anime, can you both tell me how you discovered the series? What caught your eye with Spy x Family?

Kazue Hayashi: So the original comic, the sales were too huge for us to ignore. But animation-wise, we all discovered Spy x Family when we released our first promotional video last December. The timing of the release made the fans very excited for the show.

As for the production, Spy x Family is interesting because Wit Studio works with CloverWorks on the episodes. Can you tell me how this partnership was born? And how is the co-production of the series going behind the scenes?

Hayashi: Yeah, so WIT and CloverWorks actually split the episode order in half. Mainly, at studio WIT, we co-produced six specific episodes and the other studio produced the rest of court one. So with this kind of structure, the most difficult problem we faced was ensuring that each studio could maintain the same level of quality for each of their episodes while matching episodes from the other studio.

Now, you both have overseen a number of episodes of Spy x Family in the first season so far. Do any of you have a favorite moment in the series? Or maybe a moment you worked on that went exceptionally well?

Kazuki Yamanaka: We recommend episode five because it includes original scenes from the anime. The episode’s action prompted WIT Studios to bring out the big twists in its story. So he implemented the high episode. We also love episode nine. This leads the audience to wonder whether the Loid and Yor will kiss or not. It also has a very good conclusion.

In America, Anya has become a hugely popular character on Twitter with manga memes and more, and I understand that has happened in Japan as well. Why do you all think Anya is so popular? Why does the character resonate with fans?

Hayashi: Well, Anya’s funny expression first appeared in the original manga. She looks very funny there, so we worked very hard to translate and materialize her into animation. We are happy to know that we succeeded because the fans seemed to like it a lot.

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