X Studio Teen Center in progress and other Explora projects in Albuquerque


The ongoing construction of Explora’s 8,000 square foot X Studio Teen Center in Albuquerque, underway since 2019, is now facilitated by a $ 250,000 grant from Bank of America. Studio Southwest Architects and general contractor, FacilityBuild, are the two Albuquerque companies currently working on this project, which is still months away from completion.

The X Studio Teen Center is developed as part of the Explora Museum master plan to establish a STEAM career learning campus, aimed at creating exciting long-term careers for young people. According to Nyra Klawer, Explora’s fundraising director, construction of the teenage center is expected to be completed by spring or early summer 2022, and this timeframe depends on when the materials arrive. construction.

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New X Studio Teen Center to double the number of paid internships offered

When complete, the X Studio Teen Center will expand the current Explora campus by 50,000 square feet with an additional 8,000 square foot learning space; Who will welcome thousands of teens each year and offer comprehensive educational programs in several fields including physics, chemistry, coding and engineering. Klawer pointed out that the Explora campus currently offers around 35 paid internships, but the expansion of Studio X would allow Explora to double the current number of paid internships offered in the first two years.

In addition to the development of the X Studio Teen Center, Explora is already working on the second phase of its “Cradle through Career” campaign. Klawer mentioned that fundraising for Phase II is officially underway, and Explora hopes to raise up to $ 10 million to build its Brillante Early Learning Center over a three-year period. The Brillante Awakening Center will include a day center, a preschool, a laboratory and a place for young parents to continue their studies and obtain accreditation.

Klawer gave more details on the future Early Learning Center project, which he says will be developed on a 4.5-acre site currently leased by Array Technologies, and this campus will be positioned behind the Natural History Museum of Explora. Klawer also mentioned that the Early Learning Center would be much larger than the 8,000 square foot X Studio Teen Center and would have enough room to house 10 to 15 classrooms.

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