Xbox Studio Director Claims Starfield Isn’t Just a Skyrim Reskin



Don’t call it a Skyrim clone.

Xbox fans eagerly await Bethesda’s launch star field. This will be Bethesda’s first major RPG release in quite a while. However, if you were already writing the star field game to be a reskin of their previously beloved hit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you may want to wait until judgment is rendered. Recently, Xbox Studio head Matt Booty was interviewed via the Friends per Second Podcastwhere the subject of star field has come.

Speaking directly to Matt Booty, Ralph Panebianco wanted to know if he thought this game would just be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the spatial experience. Of course, Matt Booty was quick enough to shoot down the idea that star field will be a clone of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but located in space. Instead, Matt talked about how he got to see the game form and hang out with Bethesda’s Todd Howard. After last year, Matt discovered that Todd Howard wasn’t one to sit back and simply reskin something that had already been designed before.

We know there will be a lot to do inside star field when it hits the market. For example, there is a large open map with different planets to explore. However, you can still expect the same formula that Bethesda is known for when it comes to its epic RPGs. That being a wide variety of quests, choices, and fights. How will this evolve with by Starfield the next release remains a mystery. After all, we won’t get our hands on the game until 2023.

Initially, the star field the video game was supposed to hit the market this year. In fact, it was supposed to launch later in the week on November 11, 2022. Unfortunately, that date is no longer accurate as Bethesda had delayed star field to further develop the game. As a result, Bethesda has yet to set a specific release date for the game. Instead, the developers have only stated that the release will take place in the first half of 2023.

So for now it’s a waiting game to see when star field will be readily available. However, when the game launches, we can expect it to be day one on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re not a subscriber, you can find it available for purchase on PC and Xbox Series X/S console platforms. For now, you can check out the game’s trailer below. This video features fifteen minutes of gameplay footage to give you a little more insight into what to expect with Bethesda’s upcoming RPG release.


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