Yale Alumni and Students Release “Studio 210” Film


Yale alumni Lily Weisberg ’21 and Matt Nadel ’21, along with writer Edie Astley, are releasing a short film called “Studio 210”.

Zack Hauptman

1:10 am, Sep 24, 2021

Contributing journalist

Courtesy of Lily Weisberg

Yale alumni Lily Weisberg ’21 and Matt Nadel ’21 presented their short film titled “Studio 210” with Edie Astley earlier this month online.

“Studio 210” explores the relationship that develops between Miles, 19, and his mother’s friend Camille in her art studio. The film will screen at the Santa Fe International Film Festival, NewFilmmakers New York and Mystic Film Festival and is now available for viewing online.

“I was really thinking about the character creation process and the story arc of the film,” said Weisberg, who directed the film. “It was so rewarding.”

Weisberg and Nadel, who both worked on filmmaking while at Yale, first applied to Yale’s Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking Startup Incubator Program to create a production company that supported women and men. queer filmmakers. The two then used part of their grant to produce their first film, “Studio 210”.

Weisberg, Nadel, Astley and the rest of their production team shot the film during the height of the pandemic in August 2020. After complying with quarantines and safety precautions, the team filmed for six days in Garrison, New York, and a studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

As a director, Weisberg led a team of around 11 people. The screenplay was written by Astley and produced by Nadel, Ian Homsy ’22 and Audrey Roh. It stars Mili Avital, Philip Schneider, Felix Salmon and Rebecka Deroche. It also features Bettina Campomanes as cinematographer, Chloe Ramos as camera assistant and Anya Pertel ’22 as production designer, Ranya Aloui and David Gutnik as editors, Eli Kravetz and Mike Bloom as gaffers and Kellen Silver as sound engineer. Nadel and TRoh were assistant directors, and the film had original music by Melisande Pope and Jason Altshuler ’23.

With the monetary help and resources of Tsai CITY and the Slifka Center at Yale, Weisberg created an environment where every member took the film “extremely seriously,” she said. Despite his experience in cinema, it was his first time on a professional set.

“It was a really happy shooting environment, and the people got along so well,” Weisberg said.

The film’s co-stars include Israeli actress Mili Avital – who has previously appeared in films with Johnny Depp and David Schwimmer – and current Yale student Philip Schneider ’24.

Weisberg said she first met Schneider in the “Acting Shakespeare” class during her junior fall – a class taught by Drama School dean James Bundy. “Phil blew me away – watching him do these Shakespearean monologues was actually one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” Weisberg said.

Schneider said that despite his experience off Broadway in high school, “Studio 210” was his first film.

“I think it was a really formative experience for me and I was really nervous about what it would be like in this totally different medium,” said Schneider. “Lily, Matt and Edie all cultivated a really friendly, happy and creative environment.”

To add depth to each character, Weisberg created music playlists to help actors understand their roles. She also recommended a list of benchmark films that influenced the short, including “Beginners”, “A Bigger Splash”, “The Graduate” and “La Piscine”.

While the pandemic introduced some challenges – all of the cast and crew lived in a house during the filming process – physical proximity also brought the crew closer together.

“There was so much loneliness of constantly being on Zoom and constantly being in your bed,” said Nadel, who was an assistant director and producer. “[On ‘Studio 210’] we felt so [present] in the world to do something creative, not behind a computer screen, but with other people.

Nadel and Weisberg hope to organize a screening of “Studio 210” at Yale soon.

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