YouTube adds more audience data to the Studio mobile app


YouTube creators have access to more data in the Studio Mobile app with stats like “new & known” etc.

As part of this week’s YouTube update, the company is also announcing:

  • New currency setting for the Studio Mobile app
  • A lower navigation bar in the Studio Mobile application
  • An experimental feature that showcases valuable videos.

Here’s more information on each of these updates.

Three new metrics in Studio Mobile

YouTube brings three metrics to the Studio Mobile app that were previously only available on desktop.


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The first of these metrics is the addition of new and back spectator statistics under the “Audience” tab of Channel and video analysis.

Screenshot from, September 2021.

The second measure is the introduction of member metrics, which tracks paid members who watch your channel.


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Member metrics can also be found under the audience tab of Channel and video analysis.

Finally, YouTube aligns the metrics under the latest video performance map on the dashboard to those on the desktop. Now this view also provides a brief overview of click-through rate performance.

New YouTube FeaturesScreenshot from, September 2021.

Currency settings on Studio Mobile

YouTube launches currency settings in Studio Mobile.

In response to user feedback and in an effort to bring more functionality from desktop to mobile, YouTube is adding the ability for creators to change their currency settings.

To do this, go to settings and view comment notifications in the Studio mobile app. YouTube is rolling out this over the next two weeks

YouTube Studio mobile currency settingsScreenshot from, September 2021.

Lower navigation bar for Studio Mobile

YouTube is updating its Studio Mobile app with the launch of the bottom navigation bar.


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YouTube first revealed it in a sneak preview last year. Since then, improvements have been made to optimize the mobile studio experience for creators.

Over the next few weeks, YouTube will roll out the bottom navigation in Studio Mobile. A similar navigation style can be seen in the main YouTube app.

The goal, compared to the current sidebar navigation, is to increase efficiency by reducing the number of navigation clicks users need to make in the app.

Experimental feature: the best videos to increase your audience

YouTube is testing a new data card in Studio Mobile called the best videos that increase your audience.


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Found under the Audience tab in Analytics, this map will show you which videos are helping to grow your audience.

The map will show a list of videos categorized by the number of new viewers who have returned to watch more content.

The best YouTube videos to increase your audienceScreenshot from, September 2021.

The goal, according to YouTube, is to help creators understand what types of content their audiences value the most.


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These are the types of videos that should be used more to develop this very engaged segment of your audience.

For more details on any of these features, check out the full update below:

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