YouTube Studio for Android adds option to change currency


After years without letting you manually adjust the YouTube Adsense currency, YouTube Studio on Android has added the ability to change your local currency option.

If you are creating or managing a YouTube channel, you will understand how enjoyable the possibility of changing to your local currency is. In some cases, the app may automatically switch between the settings you chose in the desktop version of the YouTube Creators Hub and the US Dollar default setting. a old workaround would involve setting your device’s language to US English to trigger the change depending on your desktop settings, but sometimes this could change without warning.

We see the option of changing currency with YouTube Studio update to version 21.36.100, with hundreds of local conversion options available to help you better manage your channel’s revenue. Just tap your profile avatar> Settings> Currency> Select your preferred local currency> Pull to refresh the dashboard view. You can change the currency at any time and this method works regardless of the local language setting you have applied to your device. When selecting an individual video, the change is also applied to it, including CPM and RPM charts / graphs.

For those who have been using the YouTube Studio app to manage their channels for a long time, this currency conversion toggle is a long overdue option that, while very late, is always welcome. Now you can see how much Bolivian boliviano you deserved from this viral video and find out how much bigger your income seems.

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