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For years, it has not been possible to change the choice of AdSense currency in the YouTube studio. If people wanted to switch to the other currency, they had to terminate their old account and then they had to open the new one to change the currency option. It was quite a long procedure. Recently, the YouTube studio has introduced the ability to manually change the currency in Android devices. This is especially good news for people with a YouTube channel as it was very difficult for them to regulate the AdSense currency option. Now they can easily and conveniently switch to their local currency.

Typically, the app can mechanically reverse itself in the middle of the settings you selected on the YouTube Creator Center on the computer and the default USD arrangement. Previously, people could bypass the currency option by changing the smartphone language to US English in order to effect the change according to the PC settings. But there was one problem that could change without notice. YouTube noticed that many people who have the channel on the platform want to change the AdSense currency to their local currency and for the change to happen they are using bypass.

According to a report, the ability to change currency will be rolled out in update 21.36.100. This update will provide you with many choices of local currencies for you to select. It will allow you to intelligently manage the income of your channel. If you want to change your currency, you can go to the personification of your profile and then tap on the setting. You will see the option “Currency” in the settings bar. By tapping on “Currency” you will get the currency names of almost all countries. You can easily select the one you prefer. No matter which trade-in choice you have selected on your gadget, this technique will always work. So you can change the currency at any time and you can also change it multiple times.

You can also select the single video to apply the change including the critical path method figure and the Revenue per thousand graph. Those YouTubers, who use the Studio to manage their channel for a lot of the time, know this was a must-have option. However, its launch is a bit late but still a comfortable change. Currently, you can see how many Bolivian Bolivians you have created from your most viewed video content and how much money you have made from the result.

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