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The L100 is designed to enable robotic picking in deeper and larger bins typical of the manufacturing industry. | Source: Zivid

Zividthe high-performance industrial 3D camera company, announced the second member of its 3D camera family – the Zivid Two L100.

The L100 was developed to meet the market’s appetite for a high performance 3D camera with industrial grade reliability that can tackle the larger and deeper bins typically found in the manufacturing industry. With extended working distance and larger working volume, it is also suitable for machine monitoring and package induction operations in logistics scenarios.

The company’s existing industrial 3D camera has had a significant impact across many industries since its launch in 2021. Equally suited for static operation as well as robot with a short baseline of 120mm and weighing just 940 grams, the L100 has proven itself. industrial-grade benchmarks by demonstrating consistent and reliable calibration performance over time while deployed in harsh industrial environments.

The L100 is built on the established and industry-proven Zivid Two platform. It offers the same high resolution of 2.3 megapixels and has comparable characteristics in terms of point cloud fidelity, spatial resolution, point precision and dimensional accuracy. It is fully compatible with the company’s SDK 2.8 and Zivid Studio development tools. Existing codebases developed with the Zivid Two can easily be used with this new 3D camera. It’s enclosed in the same rugged magnesium casing as Zivid Two and is compatible with the entire line of Zivid Two accessories. Overall, this is a simple replacement plug-in for an existing Zivid Two when the extra distance and range is needed.

Highlights of the L100:

  • 100cm longer focusing distance
  • Longer recommended working distance 60-160cm
  • 105 x 62 @ 100 (cm) Field of View
  • 2.3 megapixel resolution
  • Point cloud data in XYZ + RGB + SNR format
  • High dynamic range up to 23 stops
  • Spatial resolution of 0.56 mm at 100 cm
  • Dimensional accuracy > 99.7%
  • Superb calibration stability

“We have a constant dialogue with our customers to find out what they want and need for their use cases. Zivid Two L100 is the result of such conversations. The L100 retains the ability to consistently capture extremely accurate and detailed point clouds with robot-mounted flexibility. This allows our customers to consistently empty the bin, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. What the L100 introduces is a longer working distance to accommodate the longer gripper tools that are popular in bin-picking. Therefore, this 3D camera enables error-free picking from deeper bins without the robot and 3D camera having to enter the bin area,” said Øyvind Theie, company vice president of product. .

The introduction of the L100 with a longer working distance means that the original Zivid Two will now become the Zivid Two M70. The new identification pattern suffix allows customers to easily identify the focus distance of the Zivid Two 3D camera in centimeters.

The Zivid Two L100 industrial 3D camera is currently in mass production and available for order through the company’s sales and distribution partners.

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